Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ah, hello Spring!

I am back in business! Not 100% perky, perfect bride-mode, but I'd say a solid 95%.

I sent out my bridesmaid puzzles this week, how I ask my bridesmaids, and just one more to say yes and I will have all 8. My FI and I came up with a way to ask his groomsman, and the flower girl(FG)/ring bearer(RB). So, we are on a roll getting the whole wedding party together.

We are currently at 487 days, and counting happily. We know this is a great time to start our lives together, and we couldn't be happier. Every day that I spend with him is a reassurance that he is the ONE.

So, here is to keeping this up. Getting back to 100%...and losing the wedding weight we just started!

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